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Coconut Oil


Our star ingredient is wet-milled virgin coconut oil from Cambodia. It’s made by the traditional method of hand-pressing, fermenting and gently heating coconut milk from organically-grown coconuts. 

The processing of wet-milling and fermenting is not mass-produced, supports small-scale growers, and is scientifically shown to result in higher levels of beneficial plant actives (polyphenols) than conventionally processed virgin coconut oil which uses dried coconut flesh or is centrifuged.


It’s a common misconception that ‘raw’ or ‘unheated’ coconut oil is best because it “retains enzymes”. Science shows antioxidants in coconut oil are thermally stable, and coconut oil has no appreciable enzyme content – if it did it would quickly go off! 

Virgin coconut oil is a good source of powerful skin nourishing actives like ferulic acid, gallic acid, & caffeic acid. Ferulic acid enhances skin regeneration, protects collagen and elastin, and fights free radical damage; gallic acid is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that benefits the skin; while caffeic acid increases collagen production and decreases inflammation. 

Other research shows that virgin coconut oil inhibits cytokine inflammatory markers, up-regulates AQ-P3 (a hydrating agent that maintains water-ion balance in skin cells), and helps prevent free radical damage to skin cells from UVB irradiation.

Hand-squeezed coconut oil retains up to 150% more antioxidants than commercial extraction methods.

Coconuts are an honoured gift of nature, traditionally used by indigenous cultures for hundreds of years to nourish the skin.

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Our approach to ingredients is uncompromising – every single ingredient is either:

  • plant material in its natural form,
  • of plant origin and processed without harsh chemicals like sulphur dioxide,
  • or purified water.

Sustainability is our starting point because what’s best for our waterways is best for us too. At the product design stage, we look at the long-term impact on the environment (and us) of every single ingredient.

We only use the safest naturally derived ingredients with a rating of one (the best) on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) ingredient rating scale for health & ecological impact. That’s because the latest scientific research (from 2019) shows that some skincare compounds we apply last on our skin for weeks after they’re applied, even with daily washing.



INSTEAD of synthetic petroleum-based preservation in our washes & moisturisers, we use high quality 100% plant-derived preservatives (sodium anisate & sodium levulinate), which have the added benefit of conditioning the skin. Natural preservatives don’t last as long – so we recommend using our hand wash & moisturiser within three months of opening.

Sodium benzoate, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate & methylisothiazolinone are all cheap synthetic preservatives used by brands in ‘natural’ lotions & washes.

Synthetic preservatives are linked to skin irritation and they harm our skin’s protective microbiome (microbial community). That’s important because the skin microbiome has a direct role in regulating the immune system. The manufacturing process of petroleum-based preservatives also results in nasty by-products.

Sodium benzoate & potassium sorbate have been linked to white blood cell toxicity in lab testing, while benzyl alcohol and phenoxyethanol are moderate skin irritants. 

Initial research from 2017 links the presence of phenoxyethanol metabolites in pregnancy with changes in neurocognitive performance in those children aged five. Japanese research from 2014 shows high levels of phenoxyethanol in rivers. 

We’re opting for caution and leaving all these chemicals out.

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Our edgy 100% natural COSMOS-certified fragrances are compounded in Grasse, France using a blend of essential oil isolates. Each scent celebrates the botanical heritage of south east Asia – kaffir lime, lemongrass, ginger, vetiver, lime blossom, & Siam wood.

We don’t use whole essential oils as they are common skin irritants with potent properties, and therefore need to be used with caution.

Our fragrances are earthy and herbaceous, and take longer to make than cheap synthetic scents which contain chemical fixatives and ingredients like phthalates that are harmful to our health and the environment.

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We’ve opted for the gentlest natural surfactants. Our main surfactant, sodium laurylglucosides hydroxypropylsulfonate is made by processing corn or coconut using lye. It has a HET-CAM irritant rating of zero (no irritation). 

We don’t use the cheaper sodium coco-sulfate (SCS) as although it’s derived from coconut/palm oil, the end result is similar to sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Instead of one fatty acid, a blend of fatty acids is reacted with sulfuric acid to make SCS. It has a HET-CAM irritant rating of 25.25 out of 35 (potential for severe irritation). 

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