100% natural-origin skincare with fermented coconut oil

Sustainable beauty

Ethical skincare made with naturally-fermented, single-origin virgin coconut oil.

100% natural-origin / plant-derived preservation / ethically sourced.   

Using skincare
to create a
better world


The beauty industry’s one of the most polluting on the planet, & coconut growing families are some of the poorest people in the world. We want to change that!

How we create social & environmental value:

– Ethical direct trade with coconut-growing families in Kampot to increase their incomes.

– Regenerative coconut tree-replanting that protects local biodiversity.

– 100% of Ethos’ profit funds sustainable development in Cambodia & scaling up to grow our future impact.

"As consumers we have so

much power to change the

world just by being

careful in what we buy."

- Emma Watson


“We’ve gone the extra mile to
make sure even our preservatives
are plant-derived.”

100% natural-origin ingredients


Treading lightly on the earth is our responsibility, so sustainability is always our starting point. That means doing what’s right, not what’s easy. 

Instead of using synthetic preservatives (the industry norm), we spent two years developing products with plant-derived preservation, so we’re not contributing to the 75,000 or so metric tonnes of synthetic preservatives rinsed down the drains each year globally.  

We only use:

– plant butters, oils & extracts;

– ingredients derived from plants (processed without harsh chemicals); 

– purified water. 



We believe in the timeless beauty of crafting by hand, and paying a fair price for natural-origin ingredients that are intrinsically better for us.

Each bottle contains naturally-fermented coconut oil that’s hand-squeezed in the traditional fashion, not machine-pressed or centrifuged. This age-old method retains more of the coconut’s skin-nourishing micro-nutrients, and creates fair-wage employment for local women.

We also buy our coconuts direct from the tree so family growers can earn better incomes.


Direct ethical

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